Mark your calendars

He writes in this font,  she writes in this font. 

Where to start? 

It's Friday night as I write this and it has been quite the week. Now I'm sitting at my desk, counting the hours, minutes, and seconds until Megan arrives here in Arizona. Truthfully, I picked up my Ipad to write this with an ambitious hope that it would make the time fly by just a bit faster. The nine days since we said goodbye at the Portland Airport have felt like twice as many lifetimes (that's eighteen if you are keeping count).  It's interesting how time is such a constant measurement, yet depending on what is to come next, it seems to change in judgement. On the days we are apart, it feels like eternity for each sunset to fall. The days together never seem to be long enough. And this time I am especially excited to show Megan around Phoenix, much more so than usual... I didn't know that was possible. 

Why? Well let's see: 

We have brunch plans with my Mother, which should be a nice time.  I have been looking forward to this part of the visit for weeks! I finally get to meet Guy's Mother.  The weather is finally cooling off, so we can actually go on a hike, run some errands, or even just walk from the car to my apartment without cursing the world. That should be enjoyable. This is also the last time Megan will come visit me in Arizona. I guess that makes the trip a little nostalgic. After I move to Portland in three weeks, I doubt we will come back for a while. 

Oh yeah, I am moving to PDX on October 26. As in three weeks from now.  Let's re-read that. Guy is moving to Portland on Oct. 26th. To live with me. In our home together. No more missing each other, except while we are at work. No more long phone calls full of saying "I miss you so much it hurts" and "we only have three sleeps left." We will then have no sleeps left to wait to see each other! This thought makes me feel like the happiest woman on Earth. 

That's what I meant when I said this has been quite the week. I wasn't lying. Monday morning I officially gave notice of my resignation. 

The feeling was bitter-sweet, though overwhelmingly the latter. It was a long, hard battle through law school and finding employment as an attorney. The work kept coming as I gained experience by over-committing myself to trial after trial. Being a lawyer has been part of my identity for the majority of the last decade. That's the bitter part: I will no longer be a practicing attorney in three weeks. 

But the reward is sweet, double-fudge sundae sweet. I'm letting go of a profession and gaining a future. There are no words to express the absolute elation that I feel knowing there are only a few more sleeps that I have to spend without Megan next to me. Truly, I have no words for it. I'm sitting here trying to type something to express how I feel and there is... an ongoing ellipses of thought on my head because it can't decipher my heart. 

So let's move on! 

Mark your calendars! I can assure you that we have marked ours.  Oh, we are counting down! October 26, 2015 signifies the beginning of a new book in our lives. One we can truly write together. The next few months will be exciting, terrifying, and everything in between. We have a lot planned. We look forward to sharing it with you. 

That's all.